Computer Donation Program

With the help of the community, our OTI (Occupational Training Institute) organization is able to take donations of computers, refurbish them, and give them to needy district students. The program relies on student interns to evaluate and refurbish the computers. This provides the student interns with valuable work experience in computer hardware and software, technical support, and customer service skills. 

The students always erase the hard drive or any other storage device to ensure that all data is erased before the system is passed on to the students. To make this program work, we have to make sure that the computers that we receive meet our minimum specifications. 

Computer Donations

The systems must meet these requirements: PC Desktop and laptop computers must be of a reasonable vintage and have an Intel or comparable Intel-compatible CPU. Systems that are too old or cannot be repaired/refurbished are used for students to practice on and then sent to a green recycler.    

We do not accept Apple Computers

Software Specifications

Due to software licensing requirements, the only way you can donate software is to donate the actual software and licensing key. Software that is more than three years old is not accepted. 

When OTI receives a system they erase all the storage devices, hard drives, Solid State Devices, etc. This includes any software, operating systems , and personal data. We then install Microsoft’s latest compatible Operating System. We install LibreOffice, a free MS Office-like shareware product. 

OTI/CompTechS Lab and the students really appreciate your donations and understanding that only systems that meet current specifications are usable. 

For additional information, contact the Occupational Training Institute: Joseph Lipsig at 408.864.5712 or