Chancellor's Circle

Since the Chancellor’s Circle was started in 2001 we’ve raised more than $1.6 million that we have immediately put to work for students. Your unrestricted gifts to the Chancellor’s Circle support priorities of the college presidents that help students reach their education goals.

Unrestricted gifts go toward essential support services such as scholarships and food pantries, book vouchers and work-study jobs. Student support programs like these let students spend more time on campus — which makes them more likely to stay in school and succeed. In a big district like ours, serving more than 60,000 individuals each year, we have many students who can flourish with just a little extra support and encouragement.

We are inspired by our students’ grit and their determination to complete their studies despite numerous obstacles. Their success is made possible because of you, our most generous donors, and by our excellent educational programs, student support services, caring staff and outstanding faculty.

Thank you for your investment in the future. To join review the levels and either donate online or download our gift form and mail your gift.  

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Giving Levels

Changing Student Lives

$1,000 - Chancellor’s Advocate   

Your contribution of $1,000 could provide a scholarship for one student to pay for books,
materials and fees at Foothill or De Anza College. For students struggling with the rising costs of an education, lacking funds to pay for college is often what keeps them from attending.

$2,500 – Chancellor's Scholar

Your contribution of $2,500 could pay for several months of supplemental food to stock the food banks operated at both colleges to provide for low-income students in need.

$5,000 – Chancellor's Fellow

Your contribution of $5,000 could cover stipends used to pay second year students who act as peer mentors for incoming students at both colleges. Peer support personalizes the college experience, encourages retention and student success especially for first generation low-income students
attending college.

$10,000 – Chancellor's Laureate

Your contribution of $10,000 could contribute to the cost of vouchers for students to pay for
required books used during the year or classes at Foothill or De Anza College. For students struggling with the rising cost of education, the affordability of books, often costing as much as $350 per book, can be the deciding factor in whether they can enroll or continue their education.

$25,000 – Chancellor's Visionary

Your contribution of $25,000 could provide basic skill enhancement for many students who lack some of the necessary skills to be successful in college.  Students at Foothill and De Anza come from a wide variety of backgrounds and many are the first in their family to attend college and/or are also economically disadvantaged. Providing skill enhancement such as writing and math tutoring is vital to their success and ability to complete certificate programs or transfer to four-year colleges.