PoliciesNaming of College and District Buildings or Facilities

The Board of Trustees has the final responsibility for the naming of any building or facility on any campus of the District and to commemorate such action with a standardized plaque funded by the District.

The following purposes are appropriate for naming any building or facility in the District:

  1. To honor living or deceased persons who have directly contributed to the District in an exceptional way through service or monetary contributions;
  2. To designate the function of the building or facility;
  3. To reflect natural and geographical features;
  4. To reflect a traditional theme of the college or the District.

The Chancellor shall establish and maintain procedures to be followed for the naming of a building or facility.

Approved 2/21/80; added to Board Policy 11/91
Amended 5/2/94; 8/16/99; 8/27/01

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