Sanjiv Indran (left) pictured with his younger brother.
Sanjiv Indran (left) pictured with his younger brother.

Astronomy Professor Catapults Students Forward

Sanjiv Indran graduated Foothill with A.S. degree in Physics & Engineering. Beyond his degree, Sanjiv also received a healthy dose of inspiration from astronomy Professor Fraknoi.

Professor Fraknoi is an award-winning science educator known for his skill at interpreting astronomical discoveries and ideas in everyday language.  He teaches courses on "astronomy and physics for poets" attended by 900+ Foothill students each year.

“Of all the teachers, lecturers and professors I have had over the years, across three continents, Professor Fraknoi is the one who has given me the inspiration to learn all that I can about this little bubble of space-time we find ourselves in.”

Adds Sanjiv, “Let's not forget his savvy teaching style and his quest to impart that knowledge on who ever is willing to listen, learn and question. Personally, I think he does Carl Sagan proud.”

After Foothill, Sanjiv obtained a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham, UK. He launched his career in 2010 as a mechanical engineering consultant with a specialization in sustainable design.

While Sanjiv enjoyed his work immensely, he ultimately found his insatiable desire to learn shared knowledge with others too strong to overcome. In 2012, he pursued a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering and graduated February 2013. Now a doctoral student, he is working towards a PhD. in Engineering. Inspired by Professor Fraknoi, Sanjiv sees a future career in academia.