VIDA student Mia Hernandez and former VIDA student Albert Lutz-Paap

Longtime legislator John Vasconcellos memorialized at De Anza College

The mission statement of the Institute for Community and Civic Engagement (ICCE) is "to empower students to be agents of change in their communities and beyond." The actions that take those words into reality are some of the most exciting student stories to hear.

Kathleen Santora with De Anza College Dean of EOP&S and Student Development, Michele LeBlue-Burns

Foothill-De Anza Foundation board president leaves a legacy of dynamic leadership

Kathleen Santora joined the Foothill-De Anza Foundation Board of Directors in 2011 and became its president in 2013. As she steps down from her role of president this July, she leaves behind a legacy of dynamic leadership as well as a personal story that demonstrates how being an engaged community member can change lives.

Dean Michele LeBleu-Burns with De Anza EOPS students

De Anza EOPS program quietly changes lives

Michele LeBleu-Burns is dean of Student Development and Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) at De Anza College. A community college graduate and former EOPS student herself, she speaks from experience when she lauds the benefits of the program. LeBleu-Burns credits EOPS with giving her the resources, support and resilience she needed to succeed and to earn her master's degree.