Shadi Bakour and Amer Orabi of PathWater

Foothill Alumni Featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurism

Around the world, an average of one million plastic bottles are discarded every minute of every day, according to Concern about the overconsumption of single-use plastic bottles, and the ocean pollution that results, brought two Foothill alumni together in search of a solution.

Karin Kelley

De Anza Alumna Finds Passion in Non-Profit Work

Karin Kelley is a Bay Area native and De Anza College graduate who has a passion for non-profit work and advocating for underserved children and youth.

Picture of Ann Wimmer

Stanford Graduate Comes to Foothill to Find Her Passion

Dr. Ann Wimmer is an acupuncturist and chiropractor in the Bay Area, but her regular clients are not quite who one might imagine. As a specialized veterinarian, Wimmer tends specifically to horses and their many needs. "I make nice horses feel better for nice people," she explains. As so often happens in life, Wimmer's career trajectory was hardly ever linear or predictable.